PoPoLiNi® UltraFit

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PoPoLiNi® UltraFit

Along with the OneSize a popular birth to potty classic.  Fits from ~3-15 kg  / 7-33 lbs. The size is adjustable by folding the front part of the nappy and securing it with practical poppers, guaranteeing a safe and secure fit.  Easy to use velcro fasteners around the waist for a perfect fit.  The additional boosters that can be popped in over night or for older babys are included.

To be used with a waterproof wrap.

PoPoLiNi UltraFit

UltraFit organic (Art.-Nr.: 011200-07)

Organic terry cloth: 100% organic grown cotton

Good absorbancy and quick drying time, nevertheless it is not quite as sturdy and formstable as it lacks the polyester blend core.  To preserve its shape it is important to pull it back into shape after washing.

Available in
- 2 Ecru

UltraFit Flanell (Art.-Nr.: 011200-26)

Flanel: 100% organic grown cotton with polyester core

The polyester core combines good absorbancy and fast drying time and, as it is located within the core of the nappy it does not come into direct contact with the skin. Snug fit especially recommended for during the day.

Available in
- 2 Ecru
- 141 Bubbles
- 297 Bubbles nature